Natural Splendor

Diet / Exercise / Stress management/ Botanicals/ Hormones/ Supplements

Dr. (Meagan) Vika Brewster is a Naturopathic doctor at the F Street Clinic. She created Natural Splendor as the natural health clinic to practice medicine with a holistic approach. Through the use of the tenets of natural medicine, the most current evidence based practices, and a mind-body approach, her goal is to return patients to their natural splendor. 
Finding health in our world

Capitalism encourages hard work and individualism. How can we overcome the negatives of this society to create energy to celebrate the positives?

Now Accepting New Patients:

  • Accepted
      • First choice
  • Coming soon (any day now):
      • Premera
      • Lifewise
      • Aetna
      • Kaiser
      • Molina
  • Applied for (about 2 more months):
      • Regence
      • United
(617) 982-2939
F Street Clinic, 1707 F St, Bellingham, WA 98225
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