Cholesterol Calamity.

For many years we have referred to cholesterol tests as “good” and “bad” cholesterol. We were taught LDL=bad and HDL=good. However, this is needs to be updated. Both=bad. HDL can empty their contents into an LDL, so having a higher HDL number doesn’t mean your cholesterol is better off. On top of that, did you know your LDL on your total cholesterol labs is based off a calculation?
Ask your doctor to run an ApoB. This is a single apolipoprotein on every LDL, IDL and VLDL. However, IDL and VLDL have a shorter half-life, so 95% of ApoB’s represent LDL’s. This represents the most accurate test to assess how many LDL’s you have.
Did you know besides regulating blood sugar, avoiding smoking, losing weight that there are natural alternatives?
Fish oil can help. A fish oil high in EPA has an effect on apoB. Fish oil high in DHA has an effect on triglycerides. Aim for a high quality supplement, especially if you want capsules or you’ll be taking a handful to get a therapeutic dose.
Fiber (from vegetables or psyllium fiber) can help reduce LDL. Guess there’s more than one reason to eat your vegetables. Aim for 2 cups of different colored veggies a day.
Red yeast rice is a great alternative for those who are recommended a mild to moderate intensity statin based on their ASCVD risk. This is a fermentation of red yeast over rice that contains the same compound as lovastatin. However, the active ingredient can vary depending on which supplement company you decide upon, so try a supplement that has third party testing.

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