About Me

My priority as a Naturopathic doctor is to help you reintegrate to wholeness. This means that my relationship to my patients is as important to me as staying up to date on diagnoses, testing and treatments. Through creating a safe space, we can get to the core of the misalignment that is going on in the body and create a plan on how to best support your Self’s return to health. Every body has an innate ability to heal, so identifying road blocks in the mind, emotions, body and spirit is individually vital to returning to wholeness.  

I completed my education at Bastyr and residency in Alaska. I am a general practitioner with specialties in neurology, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and mental health. My relationship with plants is my favorite thing to incorporate with willing individuals along with individualized exercises, nutrition, and counseling. 

Outside of helping my community, I enjoy time in nature, creating art, and reading. I like to focus on balancing time with my partner, his daughter, my friends, and time with myself. My favorite nights are game nights, but I love anything where I can be a little competitive!

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