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This is a Charm link, meaning your patient information will be protected through its EHR system. 
  • Call (617) 982-2939 or use the link above to make an appointment 
  • Now offering insurance based and cashed based office visits in person or via telehealth with a discount for Medicare patients or any unaccepted insurance.
  • I also provide home care visits at the beginning or end of my day for an extra fee. 
  • Insurances accepted
    • Premera
    • Lifewise
    • First Choice
    • Aetna
    • Kaiser
  • Coming soon (any day now):
      • Molina
      • Regence
      • United
Not everyone jibes and that’s okay. I empower you to find someone who fits YOU. Take 10-15 minutes to explore if you feel safe, heard and learn about yourself. If you feel like it’s a good fit, feel free to book an appointment. (I will not follow up with you after a free consultation to give you the boundary of not having to say “no” because nothing good comes from pressuring!)
What you can expect in a first office call: I will be making a map of your medical history. It will be the most efficient use of our time together if you fill our the paperwork 24 hours before the appointment and bring relevant bloodwork, imaging and whatever else pertains to your health. I will be able to gather information about 2-3 complaints and get a plan started.
What you can expect in a return visit: Having your map better established, I will be able to walk you through the best next steps, what I need from you, what I am expecting to see, what I don’t want to happen and when to follow up to make sure we are journeying to your best self together.
What you can expects with an annual exam: I will do a full body exam with speciality procedures as needed (DRE, PAPs), recommend screening protocols and walk you through questions with that if you need. I will also be ordering annual labs. 
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