Shopping on a budget: when to buy organic and when to save your money:

Dirty dozen/buy organic:

Clean 15/don’t need to buy organic:


Minimalist baker (not so minimalist):

Half baked harvest:


Yoga is great when you are getting back on the exercise “horse” to prevent injury:

Yoga with Adriene: 

Yoga with Annie Clarke:

Cardio is important for longevity/long-term health:

HIIT workout:


Why does your doctor recommend basics like avoid screen time for TWO hours before bed, etc? Find out more in this easy-to-read book:

Matthew Walker: Why We Sleep


I consider belonging a foundation to health. We are genetically wired to be with others. Here are some ways to meet others



Disconnection to self is just as isolating. It’s near impossible to let others in if you haven’t learned how to let yourself in. Here are some tools that can help:

Heart meditations:


Make sure you are remembering to drink throughout the day or it can leave you feeling fatigued. some people do best setting alarms or leaving water easy on hand in their car, at work and throughout their house. 

  • Google: Water Reminder- Remind to Drink
  • Apple: Drink Water Reminder N Tracker

Hydration is key, and sometimes water doesn’t cut it. Strenuous workouts can mean we need to replace what we are sweating out. Here’s some of my favourites. 




We are still learning how deeply we are wired to be outside. 

Your Brain on Nature:

WA has an amazing app called the hiker finder map that allows you to filter based on the nature you want to explore, challenge level, distance, etc. 

When you need to supplement:

When you need further testing:

Blood draws:

Quest labs 

  • Unless otherwise noted, fast for minimum 8 hours. This does NOT include water! 
  • If you are doing hormones, aim for 19-21 of a 28 day cycle
  • Unless you are measuring homocysteine for B vitamins, avoid taking for a day
  • Unless otherwise noted, continue with all your medications and supplements to assess your health on a day to day basis

Food allergy testing: 

Food allergy/Food sensitivity testing by US biotek:

Hormone tests:

Saliva test by ZRT:

Urine test by Dutch:

Urine test by MVL:

GI tests

GI MAP by Diagnostic solutions:

SIBO test by Genova:


There are many specialty labs to look at brain health, possible mold or metal toxicity and many more. Contact me with specific questions

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